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Mobile Technologies On The Verge Of Extinction

The mobile sphere has grown so fast that many of the technologies that were launched only some time back now seems irrelevant. All these technologies once were key features of modern mobile phones, but now are on the verge of extinction. Here we’ve listed some such mobile technologies that are dying. 1.) Infrared Data Association Infrared Data Association was one of the standard feature in high-end mobiles all through 2000s, and in addition to Bluetooth and EDGE, this was one of the initial modes of wireless data transmission. But with development in technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth overtook IrDA. And now with the arrival of 3G and 4G, IrDA is on the verge of extinction, in fact has practically disappeared. 2.) Trackpad Initially mobile phones had dedicated navigation keys, which we think were pretty comfortable to use. But with advancement in technologies those navigation keys were replaced by a dedicated Trackpad for navigation. Now, while the Trackpad was cool at first, it became immensely painful to use sometimes. This is the reason they were not adopted by all the mobile models. But, then came Touchscreens and it didn’t took long for people to switch to touchscreens. Though, there still are some handsets using Trackpad as navigation key, but we don’t think that they will stay long in the market. 3.) Resistive Touchscreens Touchscreens were in the market since 1990s, but they were resistive screens. Until Apple came up with their capacitive toucscreens, the resistive screens were hip, but after the capacitive touchscreens everyone overlooked them and hopped on the capacitive screen wagon. The resistive screens were not all that receptive and neither did offered features like multi-touch interfaces, which was not the case with capacitive screens and hence making decision was easy for the users. 4.) Black and White Screens Though they have not vanished entirely, but have almost disappeared from mobile world. Almost every mobile phone that enters the market has colored screen, and while one would think that the low end mobiles might console the dying black and white screens, but even they have gone with the colored screens. However, we do miss those Nokia 3310 and 3315 phones, after all they were indestructible – some say so. 5.) Symbian OS Before Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS, it was Nokia’s Symbian OS that dominated the mobile sphere along with Nokia Smartphones. Although there still are some Nokia handsets running Symbian OS, but they very well might be the last hurrah from the OS as the Finnish mobile maker start their camaraderie with Microsoft with their Windows Smartphones. The inadequate app store and lack of advanced development of the OS could be attributed for this extinction. So, these are some of the mobile technologies that are on the verse of extinction. Do let us know; which technology will you miss the most.

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