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NFC Enabled Smartphones Soon A New Way to Unlock your Car



Fear misplacing your car keeps. Now just wave your smarphone to you’re your car door. Engineers at South Korean automobile major Hyundai have invented a new system that will allow your smartphone to be used as car keys and this new technology will be available to the users in the coming two years. 

This technology works on wireless Near Field Communication ( NFC), allowing you to lock and unlock the car by waving your phone over a small tag on the car window. 

Inside the car, you place the phone on a pad in the centre console that wirelessly charges it while the content is synced and streamed to the car's infotainment system and touchscreen. 

The system can also store in-car preferences, including radio stations, seating positions and even mirror adjustment - with multiple profiles able to be saved for different drivers. 

Hyundai’s aim at developing this system was to make new and improved technology available to the mainstream consumers.

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