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New Aakash Tablets To Run Android 4.0
New Aakash Tablets To Run Android 4.0


The new and improved low cost Aakash Tablets are all set to enter the Indian market. Speaking at an event, India’s Telecom Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal told that the new variants of low-priced Aakash tablet PCs will be entering the market on November 11.


Speaking further on the tablet, he told that the new Aakash tablets would have 4-hour battery time, 1 GHz processor, capacitive screen, and most importantly, Google’s Android 4.0 OS.


Sibal also told that the cost of Aakash tablet is expected to come down to around Rs 1,500, as the manufacturing units would be set up in India. The price and features certainly makes Aakash tablet a considerable alternative for modern students, however, how it performs in the market needs to be seen.


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