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New Mozilla Firefox Browser Betas Available for Mac, Android & Desktops
New Mozilla Firefox Browser Betas Available for Mac, Android & Desktops


Nonprofit organization, Mozilla has launched a new beta variant of their Firefox browser, with several enhancements. The new Firefox version supports Retina display for Macs, has enhanced JavaScript engine for desktops, and elective search suggestions for Google’s Android.


The Firefox 18 beta can be downloaded through Mozilla’s official website for desktops, while for the Android usage you can get it through Google Play store. It should be known that the desktop Firefox beta would replace any stable release that you might have installed, however, the Android beta version runs in tandem.


As per Mozilla, the new IonMonkey JavaScript engine is around 20 percent quicker than the Firefox 17. It also has a brand new architecture, which makes future research of JavaScript easier.


The desktop version of the new Firefox also has some minor enhancements such as a way of disabling timid content on HTTPS websites, enhanced receptiveness for proxy users, performance development while switching the tabs and prelude support for WebRTC, which is an open framework for real-time communications for example video and voice chat.


The beta variant of desktop Firefox also comes with support for W3C touch events — fundamentally, Web standards planned to give you the same touch capabilities as native apps —instead of Mozilla's own MozTouch events.


Although, the modern-style variant of Firefox for Microsoft’s Windows 8, has not been made a part of the newly launched beta version. The modern style app was a bit of an outcome of Mozilla's normal nightly builds, so it was not considered for this next beta version.


For the Android users, the new Firefox variant will include suggestions, however not only for the users who opt-in at the time of starting the browser initially. The beta variant now, also warns the customers as they visit the websites suspected of malware or phishing attacks, and gives an alternative of exiting before even loading the website.Enter Your News Here

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