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Nikon D600 dSLR Now Available at www.beyondtime.in - Inexpensive dSLR For Professional & Fanatic Pho
Nikon D600 dSLR Now Available at www.beyondtime.in - Inexpensive dSLR For Professional & Fanatic Pho

The thing about dSLR’s is that everyone wants to have one, but with their high price tag, not many could. We think, Nikon understood this pretty well, and hence offered a solution to that in the form of their Nikon D600 dSLR. The Nikon D600 is now up for pre-orders at www.beyondtime.in here http://goo.gl/RD77z.

Nikon’s all new D600 camera is a full-frame dSLR, aimed at professional and fanatic photographers. Although, the D600 isn’t dirt cheap, but in comparison to its rivals, the camera is way cheaper.

One of the biggest highlights of Nikon D600 dSLR camera is its full-frame sensor. The full-frame sensor basically means that the image sensor of this camera is pretty of the same size like the one of 35mm film, in comparison to the smaller sensors in consumer dSLRs, point-and-shoots and mirrorless cameras.

The full-frame sensor allows significantly more light to be captured and allows the lenses to show the complete range of angles, and in general gives a dedicated photography experience, which is pretty close to the film cameras from yesteryear.

The Nikon D600 dLSR has a 24 MP, 3.2-in 640-x-480 LCD & a moisture-sealed magnesium-reinforced body, which is something photographers expect in the high-end dSLR cameras. It’s nice to see that the viewfinder of the camera offers 100 percent coverage, which means what you’ll see through it is pretty much what you will be capturing. In general, comparatively low-priced cameras deliver fewer than 90 percent coverage, which makes it tough to frame the shots with absolute precision.

The Nikon D600 is just a perfect companion for photography aficionados and if you are one, then order yours from www.beyondtime.in here http://goo.gl/RD77z

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