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Nokia Asha 308 & Asha 309 - Great Deal, Great Smartphones
Nokia Asha 308 & Asha 309 - Great Deal, Great Smartphones

Nokia has sprinkled its magic and expanded its Asha touch series with ASHA 308 and ASHA 309.


Nokia in general comes with exciting handsets, and its latest offering keeps up the trend going. Both Nokia ASHA 308 and Nokia ASHA 309 flaunts 3.0” WQVGA display and multiple home screens.  They have some other amazing features as well, namely – stereo radio, loud speakers, multiple home screens, and memory expandable up to 32 GB.


Nokia ASHA 308 supports dual-SIM facility with Nokia’s easy swap technology.  You can easily switch between SIM cards without removing battery. 


Nokia ASHA 309 comes loaded with similar features, except for dual SIM functionality. In addition, it has Wi-Fi connectivity.


Nokia ASHA 308 and ASHA 309 are 2G enabled devices. You can connect easily to social networking sites as they come with preloaded Facebook and Twitter apps.  Gaming will be fun, as both the handsets come with 40 premium EA games.

Nokia Asha 308 & Asha 309 is a wonderful and stylish phone, which comes in budget. If you want these wonderful Nokia smartphones, then you can order them from www.beyondtime.in

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