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Nokia Boosts Its Basic Phone Market Share To 35%, Courtesy Nokia's Asha Phones
Nokia Boosts Its Basic Phone Market Share To 35%, Courtesy Nokia's Asha Phones

Finally, some relief for the Finnish mobile maker Nokia, who is struggling to hold on to its ground in modern mobile market, came from their basic phone range Asha. Nokia has been going places in their attempt to regain the lost ground from Android and iOS smartphones, but while that is still a long way to go, Nokia has strengthened their position in the basic phone market. In the latest reports, Nokia has enhanced their basic phone market stake to 35%, thanks to the immense popularity of their Asha handsets in fast-growing economies like India and China. Nokia’s Asha phones are getting great response in growing economies because of Nokia’s firm association with carriers and the fact that these phones resembles with modern smartphones, but doesn’t cost as much as the smartphones. Nokia’s Asha range comprises of handsets like Asha 305 boasting full-length touch-screen pretty much like the modern smartphones. There also is the Asha 311, which has a 1-GHz processor and a fast touch screen. The best thing about these basic Asha phones is that apart from the appearance, many of their features like faster gaming and internet browsing also puts them alongside the modern smartphones. So, if you don’t want to spend heavily on high-end smartphones, get Nokia Asha phones and get the feel and functionality similar to them. You can order your preferred Nokia Asha phones from www.beyondtime.in here http://goo.gl/bTKGU.

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