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Nokia Brings Major Local Mapping Service To India

Google and Bing have been offering indoor maps for airports and malls for some time now. We saw Nokia introducing their indoor mapping with their mapping service NAVTEQ, by the name of Destination Maps. Nokia’s NAVTEQ is the first significant mapping service to bring indoor mapping to India. Destination Maps comes with indoor maps of 150 malls in around 17 cities. NAVTEQ in their second announcement on the same day talked about the complete package of the product for the Indian users. For mapping India, Nokia used a special feature known as Points Addressing and Points of Interest. These features allow you to find out your points of interest around the area. NAVTEQ told that they already have 6.25 points of interests in their catalog. Nokia will also be bringing another service by the name of Natural Guidance in India. According to Nokia this product will provide directions in a natural way, like instead of “Left after 1.4Km,” the GPS device will tell you, “Go left from the red building.” While it all sounds pretty cool, this service in the beginning will be offered only for 14 cities. Nokia also is planning to launch the service in regional languages.

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