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Nokia Fights Back, As Samsung Tries To Steal The Thunder In Indian Mobile Market

Nokia has been the reigning ruler in the Indian mobile market for more than 14 years. However, its fortress has been conquered by Samsung, with its force of Android based phones, which caters to all, low-, mid-, and high-end customers equally. Samsung dethroned Nokia this year as “World’s largest handset manufacturer” after a successful reign of 14 years, by overtaking Nokia in terms of handsets shipped in the first quarter of the fiscal year (January – March 2012). According to the survey reports, the market share of Nokia for the first quarter (January-March) was around 45%, which in comparison to Nokia’s 25 – 30% is far above. The report suggests that around 9 to 9.5 million Smartphones have been sold in Indian market in past year. Nokia started year 2011 strongly with smartphone share close to 60% for the first half of the year, but in the last two quarters, it fell down, with the market share coming down well under 40%. While Nokia was coming down in the last quarter, Samsung was going up in the June – December period of 2011, and that’s what made a strong contender to look for in 2012. After losing to Samsung in more than one segment, Nokia has decided to buckle up and recapture what has been it’s for quite a long time. Nokia will be focusing on three key areas to rival Samsung. The first of those three areas is Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership to offer Windows Phone in Nokia’s Lumia range, the second is by offering handsets that can keep users connected with the internet and the third is about ‘future disruptions’. We recently reported Nokia teaming up with Airtel and Vodafone for incorporated billing for their app store, which at present sees more than 60 million downloads in a month. The company is also strengthening their offerings with features like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, and location-based services to enhancing the stick ability. Nokia just launched their Nokia Drive traffic system, to provide latest traffic updates to the user. The service at present has been launched in Delhi and Mumbai and is expected to start in other cities very soon. Looking at some of the latest offerings from Nokia, like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, and Nokia Music, it seems Nokia is working in the right direction and the brand wars between the leading Smartphone manufacturers could heat up in coming times. However, from the customers’ point of view this heating is good as all the goodies coming out will be for them.

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