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Nokia Introduce Mail Exchange Business Functionality To Their Asha Phones
Nokia Introduce Mail Exchange Business Functionality To Their Asha Phones

Nokia is leaving no stone unturned in their attempt to regain the lost stake of handset market. In their latest maneuver, Nokia announced that they will be offering the Mail for Exchange feature, which allows calendar, push email, and contact data management amid compatible Microsoft Exchange email servers for free in their Nokia Store for Nokia Asha 302 and Nokia Asha 303. However, the availability of Mail for Exchange will vary for different market. By offering Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol-based application in the mid-range mobile devices, Nokia will target the big businesses houses and entrepreneurs in the growing economies across the globe. With the offering of Mail for Exchange on the mid-range Asha 302 and Asha 303, Nokia aims to bridge the gap between smartphones and feature phones, which also will be instrumental in fetching more business centered buyers in the market. Market gurus are seeing it as a significant step by Nokia to reclaim their spot right at the top. Considering the fact that the businesses in growing economies want to keep their expenditure low and enhance employee productivity, the Mail for Exchange offering on Nokia Asha 302 and Nokia Asha 303 makes absolute sense. All this is achieved by elimination of need of pricey middleware, speeding up the processes and enabling the users to respond quickly to the customer requirements or even to converse on the go. This gives significant growth opportunity to the businesses in modern fast-paced world. The Mail for Exchange feature on Nokia Asha 302 and Asha 303 will support Microsoft Exchange 2003, Microsoft Exchange 2007, and Microsoft Exchange 2010 Servers, along with Microsoft Office 365 Mobility online service. Along with the encrypted email storage space, users will also get a wide range of Exchange ActiveSync security policies including the likes of minimum length for password, alphanumeric password, and local or remote wipe after trying the maximum password attempts, which meets the modern need of a secure device. Along with the Mail for Exchange, the Nokia Asha 302 and Nokia Asha 303 alos boasts a strong 1GHz processor, a modish QWERTY keyboard, Nokia Browser and gives you easy access to popular social networking website and Internet. *Availability of Mail for Exchange for the Asha 302 and Asha 303 varies from market to market

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