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Nokia Lumia 920 - Can It Be the Savior for Nokia
Nokia Lumia 920 - Can It Be the Savior for Nokia


The Finnish mobile major Nokia, which once ruled the mobile phone market across the globe, is left way behind in the smartphone race. With Samsung and Apple dominating the current smartphone picture, it will be tough, if not impossible, for Nokia to make it to the top and to make that happen the company is taking all the necessary steps.


Nokia recently launched their first Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 8 in partnership with software giant Microsoft and is counting big on it. In fact, according to the new Windows phones including the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 are likely to change the fate of the company.


However, does the Nokia Lumia 920 have what it takes to be among the leaders? We will find out soon.


The recently launched Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 software comes with brand new set of features along with an unsullied Metro-style interface, which seems a nice addition to Lumia 920. In addition to that, the Lumia 920 comes loaded with Nokia’s PureView camera, which is capable of capturing more light than any of the rivaling models camera, even without flash, in dim or indoor shooting conditions. There also is built-in wireless charging, which is one of its kind feature and never seen before in any smartphone. The wireless charging keeps the battery of the handset up all through the day. The display here is also better than the conventional HD display.


The touchscreen of Nokia Lumia 920 is world's most sensitive touchscreen and the incorporation of Nokia’s ClearBlack display technology results in comfortable visibility even in the brightest of sunlight. Nokia has also fitted the 920 with their navigation application, Nokia City Lens, which after the Apple maps’ debacle in iOS 6 has gained great prominence. For music aficionados there is the Nokia Music feature that allows you to stream music straight into the handset.


If features are to be taken as the benchmark, the Nokia Lumia 920 certainly has everything that it takes to be among the top. However, how it performs in the market and whether it finds the love of the modern buyers needs to be seen. As for now, we give thumbs up to the latest Nokia smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920.

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