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Nokia Lumia 920 Priced Above Samsung Galaxy SIII
Nokia  Lumia  920  Priced Above  Samsung  Galaxy  SIII


Nokia in an attempt to catch up with its rivals has taken a strange step. 

The Finnish manufacturer has aggressively priced their latest offering Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia’s, Lumia 920 is priced 25% more than Samsung Galaxy SIII.

In the times when the mobile makers are competitively pricing their handsets, the move by Nokia might require them to explain the price difference, as hardware’s in both the phones are similar.

As Window phones are new for consumers they may think twice before investing such big amount in it. If you see the price lists in various countries, Galaxy SIII has become the pricing benchmark for top Smartphone’s although iPhone 5 by Apple has got their price above all other models.

Nokia Lumia 920 is one of smartest try from Nokia to catch it rival’s such as Apple’s iPhone and bunch of other handsets using Google’s Android.

The recently launched Nokia Lumia 920, according to analysts lacks the wow factor.  However, Nokia had tried every possible effort to make its new Lumia 920 most comfortable with its rounded edges.


Nokia, the world’s biggest phone maker had once faced the defeat from its rivals in the fastest growing Smartphone market.  They had struggled a lot to catch up with their rivals.  Nokia had faced the loss of more than 3 billion Euros in their operating system in last 18 months, which had forced them to sell few of their assists and 10,000 jobs cuts as well.

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