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Nokia Lumia 920 To Have Wireless Charging
Nokia Lumia 920 To Have Wireless Charging

Nokia might introduce a new trend into the market with their impending Windows Phone 8. If the reports are to be believed, Nokia's forthcoming Windows Phone 8 could have wireless charging functionality. The reports coming in suggests that Nokia Lumia 920, which is Nokia’s next Windows phone will have dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 32GB storage, 1GB of RAM and Wireless Charging. We don’t have any further details about the handset, but it’s said that the yet-to-be announced Nokia Lumia 920 will also have an 8-mp camera at the time of its launch. Nokia will also launch another handset with Microsoft, the smaller Nokia Lumia 820, at the same event. The Lumia 820 is supposed to have 4.3-in display screen, as oppose to 4.5-inch display of Nokia Lumia 920. The wireless charging feature has made the already exciting product launch even more exciting.

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