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Nokia Lumia 920 to Hit the Shelves in November
Nokia Lumia 920 to Hit the Shelves in November

Nokia recently launched their latest smartphone Nokia Lumia 920. The new addition in the Lumia series runs Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 operating system.

With Apple’s next-gen iPhone in the vicinity, the road to success does not seem all that smooth for Lumia 920 and to make it even tougher Samsung will be launching an array Galaxy models running Google's Android OS.

The nicely curved edges and colorful covers, makes Lumia 920 looks pretty much like its precursor, which got it some criticism from the market pundits for lagging the “oomph” factor.

However, unmoved by all those cynics, Nokia has decided to start selling their new smartphone from November, which is close to the key holiday sales season. However, we think that it might be too late for Nokia, as Apple’s iPhone 5 will be around one month old in the market, Samsung, which already launched world’s first Windows Phone, would have some tempting offers for the customers and HTC and Motorola will be ready with their next offerings.

Whether the idea to put Nokia Lumia 920 on sale in November works for Nokia or not will be seen in the future. As for now, let’s wait and watch the new offerings from major cell phone makers.

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