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Nokia Teams Up With Airtel and Vodafone For Carrier Billing

Nokia has formed a conglomerate with two of India’s biggest telecom operators, Airtel and Vodafone, to deliver carrier-billing facility for their Nokia Store (previously known as OVI store). This newly launched service will allow the customers to download global and local paid content from Nokia’s app store and to make the payment through their monthly telephone bill or by getting the amount deducted from their pre-paid account balance. Nokia already offers the carrier billing facility in India through Reliance Communications. Nokia’s app store at present features several games, applications, podcasts, videos, location- and web-based services, productivity tools etc. In addition to the carrier billing facility, Nokia will also proclaim their in-app billing solutions, which will let the consumers buy digital content straight from the interface of the application. The Finish cell phone maker has seen great success for their app store in India, with their monthly number of downloads crossing 60 million. The company expects to grow further with their collaboration with two of India’s leading GSM mobile operators, Airtel and Vodafone.

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