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Nokia & Motorola Mobility Launches New Smartphones
Nokia & Motorola Mobility Launches New Smartphones

The smartphone market has new entrees from Nokia & Motorola Mobility. Heavily affected by the growing sales of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, the new offerings by both of them is an attempt to regain the lost ground.

However, it should be known that Apple would be announcing their next-gen iPhone next week.

The highlight of the launches from both the companies is the display & battery of their respective devices, with both of them claiming it to be better and faster than current iPhone 4S. Nokia Lumia 920 running Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8flaunts has a 4.5-inch LCD touch screen with super sensitivity and per-inch-pixel count better than iPhone 4S’ 3.5-inch-screen, which has Apple's Retina technology.

Nokia’s second offering Lumia 820 flaunts a 4.3-inch display. Both the new Nokia smartphone runs Windows Phone 8 Operating system. Motorola Mobility, on the other hand launched three new Razr smartphones. Motorola introduced their new offerings by saying, “the new Razr phones have been designed by keeping battery and speed in mind.”

Google’s Motorola Mobility launched Droid Razr HD as their new flagship model. The Droid Razr HD boasts a big, 4.7-inch display screen; however, the size of the phone is pretty much the same as on Droid Razr. The Razr HD, will comes in black or white, is expected to deliver battery life up to 24 hours. The internal storage for Razr HD will be 16 GB.

The other launch from the company was Droid Razr Maxx HD, which is aimed at users with heavy battery usage. The Motorola Razr Maxx HD promises performance time of 32 hour and talk time of 21 hours. It will be offered in black and white, with 32 GB internal storage.

Motorola did not provide any information on the pricing of their Razr Maxx HD and Razr HD. The third offering from Motorola Mobility is Razr M, with a 4.3-in display screen in a body size same as Apple’s iPhone 4S. The Motorola Razr M has 8 GB storage.

The new offerings from both the mobile makers looks impressive, but how they fare against Apple’s next-gen iPhone, that will be seen after 12th September, when Apple launches their iPhone 5.

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