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Nokia & RIM Locks Horn over Breach of Contract
Nokia & RIM Locks Horn over Breach of Contract


Lawsuit filing is not an uncommon sight in technology world. We already have seen the ugly brawl between Apple and Samsung over breach of patents and here we are again reporting yet another lawsuit. This time around, it is the Finnish mobile major Nokia, suing BlackBerry maker RIM, in some nations for breaching the cellular patents, which the two-telecom majors agreed on around nine years ago.


Back in 2003, Nokia came to concord with RIM on a license, which covers the patents on “standards-necessary” technologies for mobile gadgets. Following that, RIM has also claimed that the license should also have covered the patents for supplementary parts and has filed the adjudication proceedings.


In a statement, Nokia stated that they’ve filed a suit for enforcing tribunal ruling, according to which, RIM is not allowed to develop products that are compatible with WLAN Standard without deciding the royalty that will be paid to Nokia.


In response to Nokia’s statement, RIM said that they would be giving a proper response to Nokia in due course.  


With both, RIM & Nokia losing their grounds to rivals like Apple & Samsung, this lawsuit battle further adds to their fury and will keep them busy for quite some time now.  However, who emerges triumphant out of this lawsuit battle will be seen. Enter Your News Here

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