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Norton Internet Security: Best way to Protect your Pc
Norton Internet Security: Best way to Protect your Pc



If you are using a high end Pc and worried about its security, Norton’s latest version for Internet security lives up to its name. Once you install it, the software will create a bar on your browser.  The bar gives you the information about the security of the website you are on while giving you the OK tag for the links that appear in a search page. 


Norton Internet security has got many interesting features, to point out a few:

  • The bar turns red or green indicating its user’s whether to go on that site or not and alerts you if you are about to open a phishing link.  Though the bars at times appear to be irritating but are very handy in our daily life.


  • Norton’s Internet security keeps a check while you are posting something on social networking site.  The bar offers you a share button, which alerts and stops you from sending something unsafe.


  • The software solves the issue of remembering number of passwords as it manages your accounts and you don’t have to log separately to other sites.  You only have to remember Norton’s internet security vault password and that’s the key to all sites.


  • Software is compatible with new Operating System as its dashboard has been created with Windows 8 and offers the menu in tile-based format, which is easy to navigate.


  • Norton Internet security gives the information about your CPU performance in real time and also lets you to log in to your Norton account to manage all your security software at one go.  You can save your important file on the cloud as it also comes with 2 GB of online backup. 


It’s amazing security software which lets you surf internet without any worry and works in the background to keep your system safe.


You can order yours from www.beyondtime.in here http://tinyurl.com/dy4ago9

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