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Now, A mobile phone that can smell

Ever looked at a mobile phone as a sensory object? The question might surprise you but for your hand-held communications device is a handy sensory object. A mobile phone enables you to hear, works by touch, responds to motion (like, when playing games) and has a camera for vision. Ability to smell is the only sense missing in mobile phones and by around 2015 an ...embedded `electronic nose' will take care of that too. You can use it to check out freshness of food, test air quality or measure alcohol level in your body after a party. A pretty handy tool and another reason why a mobile is your best friend. Also by 2014 more than 400 million wearable wireless sensors will be in use for things like monitoring heart rate or blood glucose levels. The data will be wirelessly transmitted to hospitals helping doctors react to emergencies quickly or advice patients on better lifestyles. Such devices will find applications in remote healthcare, security systems and retail. Among the products under planning is a 'health necklace', The necklace is a body monitor, which when worn will continuously transmit data to any connected system, like a smart phone or a hospital monitor. Such a product is aimed at remote health monitoring for rural areas.

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