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Now Enjoy 3D Movies on TV without Those Niggling Glasses
 Now Enjoy 3D Movies on TV without Those Niggling Glasses

While the development of watching 3D movies on TV took the home entertainment level to a completely new level, the niggling 3D glasses remained a major inconvenience. However, now it seems that those heavyweight glasses will also become outdated. According to a recent report, a new technology has been developed in Germany to let the users enjoy 3D movies on TV without the niggling 3D glasses. As for now, the 3D movies that are available on Blu-ray rely on two different aspects for the display — 2 images, 1 for each eye. However, the newly developed autostereoscopic display in Germany, depending upon the type of the scene needs 5 to 10 views for the same scene. Scientists expect the number to go down further in near future. The reason behind this is the fact that these displays will have to generate a 3D image that can easily be seen from different angles and certainly, there will be more than one place and position to sit on the couch. This is why they will have to present an image that gives the same 3D impression from any position. Scientists at Heinrich-Hertz Institute (HHI) from Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin have manufactured a technology, which will automatically convert the existing 3D content of Blu-ray in such a way that it enables them to be displayed on autostereoscopic displays. The development of the software converting the data for real time conversion is already over and now the scientists are working with the manufacturers to develop hardware supporting the software to integrate the newly developed software to TV. Despite all that, the technology will still take one complete year before hitting the stores.

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