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Now Receive SMSes on Your Contact Lenses
Now Receive SMSes on Your Contact Lenses


Technology is growing significantly with every passing day. We already have seen some incredible developments in mobile technology front and now we have yet another awesome development. According to the latest reports coming in, scientists now have come up with a technology, which will enable you to receive text messages from your mobile straight on to your contact lens, fitted in the eyes of the recipient.


This new technology has been developed by the researchers and allows you to send information like text messages to the contact lenses from a mobile phone.


The spherical curved LCD display can be embedded in a contact lens and could handle projected images. The technology is still in the basic form, and there is still a lot of work to be done, in order to make it usable in applications.


The difference between this newly developed technology and previous contact lens displays is that here you can use the complete curved surface of the lens, which was not the case initially. The previous contact lens displays were limited to small pixels for making up the image.


One of the many proposed application of the new technology is a completely covered lens functioning as an adaptable sunglasses. This newly developed technology is the first step towards the development of the completely pixilated contact lens displays, which will have the same clarity as televisions.


This lens can also be used for several medical purposes, for instance controlling the light transmission towards the retina, when you have a damaged iris. Furthermore, it can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as a tunable colour, which allows the user to change the color of their eyes as per their mood.

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