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Now a Wi-Fi Mouse That Turns Your Android Smartphone into a Mouse
Now a Wi-Fi Mouse That Turns Your Android Smartphone into a Mouse

Android phone are all over the place. We have seen them getting used for many purposes other than calling and texting. Some of the unique uses of Android phones include web 

servers, FTP servers, etc. Now, we have an interesting application known as Wi-Fi Mouse, which will automatically transform your Android device into a mouse. It might sound strange, but it is for real.

This exclusive app was posted on one of the online forums. It is also said that this new app shall work on most of the Android devices. This new Android app by itself is rather ingenious. The app connects to the computer via Wi-Fi and lets you use the screen of the device as well. In addition to this, there are plenty of other features in the app including:

• Mouse curser movement
• Right and left click support
• Centre mouse button scroll
• Distant keyboard input
• Speech-to-text input for all languages
• Keyboard & Mouse complete screen
• Auto-connect on application startup
• Compatible with XP/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/Windows 8/ Mac OSX

This app lets you use your phone for almost any mouse action. This makes the app rather useful, especially if you are someone who travel a lot and faces problem with your battery powered mice. The ability to make a smartphone operate like a mouse makes this app an incredibly useful device for the modern buyers. The app is still not the perfect app, but with some minor tweaks here and there, it will be ready to go.Enter Your News Here

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