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OMG Life Rolls Out “AUTOGRAPHER”: World’s First Wearable Camera
OMG Life Rolls Out “AUTOGRAPHER”: World’s First Wearable Camera

The world’s first intelligent, wearable camera called “AUTOGRAPHER” has been launched.

Autographer will be a complete new experience. You can wear this camera and take images throughout your day.  This gadget is capable of taking thousands of pictures by simply hanging around your neck or clipped to your shirts. This slim and sleek box weighs mere 58 g, which will barely make you notice its presence.


Autographer measures 37.4mm wide, 95.5mm long and 22.3mm thick. It has a 5-MP image sensor with fixed focus. The lens used here is wide angled-136 degree classed as ‘Fish Eye’. It can capture decent amount of background for every picture it takes, which elevates the overall appearance of the images.


The smart sets of sensors are used, which very well knows when to take photos. There are sensors packed in its hood to measure light and colour, location and temperature, motion and direction. When any of these changes a photo is taken and stored in internal memory.

It has an internal memory of 8GB. You can empty the memory slot at the end of the day by transferring photos to your PC.  It also comes with preloaded app that will quickly transfer images to your Smartphone or tablet to be shared socially.

As tested out by some professional photographers, Autographer gives a promising result.  This camera has got quite appealing features.

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