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PS4 release date, specs and rumours
PS4 release date, specs and rumours

PS4 release date, specs and rumours

Sony PS4 release date is fast becoming one of the most anticipated in the technology industry. It's been over six years since the launch of the third generation PlayStation, and judging by the appetite to find out the PS4 release date, the public are more than ready for the next Sony console.

There have been rumours doing the round suggesting that Sony is calling the PS4 'Orbis'. Despite the reports of a PS4/Orbis launch being alive since last year, details of the what the console will look like, when it will be out and how much is will cost continue to be shrouded in mystery.

Latest rumours suggest that the PS4 will launch in time for Christmas 2013, though Sony are remaining quiet on the issue. Reports said that Sony believes it is in a position to get the PS4 out of the door before the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 720. It also suggested that, both the PS4 and the Xbox 720 would be revealed to the world at separate events in March 2013, with release dates slated for late 2013.

The same source who revealed the PlayStation Orbis name also mentioned that the PS4 was penciled in as packing an AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD Southern Islands GPU. This means, the PS4 will be capable of playing games with 4096x2160 images, 3D games can be played in 1080p. PS3 can only play 3D games at a resolution of 720p. According to source, the PS4 is likely not to be backwards compatible and the console will not allow you to play PS3 games.

Sony may offer them to download via the next version of the PlayStation Store, like they have with original PlayStation and PS2 classics. The latest rumours suggest that the PS4 will have more computing power than the Xbox 720 while packing less RAM.

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