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Panasonic's Smart App to Control Their Smart Home Appliance

Panasonic Smart Home Appliance owners will now be able to manage their appliances remotely using Panasonic’s Smart App for Android phones. The consumer electronics manufacturer has developed the Panasonic Smart App themselves. The app will allow Android users to remotely control any compatible appliance, to turn them on or off whenever needed. The app will allow the users to significantly bring down their electricity bills by turning off the appliances when not needed, and even when you are not near them. The App will also monitor the energy saving for the users. Panasonic’s Smart Home Appliances that are compatible to this app includes Panasonic refrigerators, health care devices and air conditioners. A slew of new appliances entering the market on September 25 in Japan including Panasonic's X Series room air conditioners, drum-type washer-dryers and a top-mount refrigerator. Panasonic informed us that the new air conditioners can be controlled through iPhone and Android phones also. The health care products that are compatible to Panasonic’s smart app include a calorie meter, body composition monitor, and a blood pressure monitor. Users can even track their calories and weight. The newly developed Smart App of Panasonic will be available by the end of September in Japan. However, Panasonic hasn’t given any information on the availability of the app in other nations.

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