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Passengers Can Now Use Their Mobile Phones and Can Access The Internet Through their Laptops / Table

Passengers travelling from Virgin Atlantic Airlines can now keep their mobile phones on. In the latest announcement from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airlines, the company said that the passengers could now receive and make calls even in the air. The facility will also allow the passengers to send and receive text messages. Although, the facility initially will be available only on Virgin’s all-new Airbus A330 aircraft with an investment of £100m, from London to New York, soon to be followed on other routes. Virgin Atlantic will also offer the facility on their Boeing 747 planes, which at present are undergoing refurbishment worth £50 million. If everything goes well, around 20 aircrafts will get the facility by 2012 end. Virgin Atlantic’s AeroMobile system will felicitate the cell phone connection to a mini-mast on the plane. Passengers initially will have to pay a nominal charge for making or receiving the calls. However, in addition to it, Virgin Atlantic will also offer free internet to the passengers. Seeing the fierce competition in the aviation sector, many other airlines are expected to follow the footsteps of Virgin. However, being the first one to offer the service, Virgin Atlantic sure will reap the maximum initial benefits.

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