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Password-App Lock : Protects Android Phone Application
Password-App Lock : Protects Android Phone Application


When you are constantly with your friends or family privacy becomes a big issue.  Especially when you don’t want to share your personal details and apps stored in your Smartphone. Here’s  the solution to your problem you don’t have to always keep an eye on your device because there is an App called “App-Lock”, which lets you lock your Apps with pattern type of lock or password. 


App-Lock has got outstanding features it allows you to launch the application on startup.  You can lock individual application or the selected application on your phone along with this call history and messages can be also locked.  App-Lock provides the facility to set a password hint, which will help you in reminding password if you forget it.


The best thing is App-Lock is a free app and can be directly downloaded from Google Play.  To Install App-Lock go to Google Play Android Apps and type the App name in the search bar. Once the search is complete App page opens click on the install button and you can see the icon in your icon list. Now, finally click on the icon, which launches the app and lets you use the features directly.


Once the installation of App-lock is done in your Smartphone launch the application and you will see a page giving you a numerical pad asking you to set and unlock password for two times as you have logged in for first time. Once you enter the password it asks you to set a password hint and a Security question, which is optional but is safe in case you forget your password followed by save the settings option and you will be directed to a page where you will see two options General and Advanced.  Under the General option you will see a list of all installed apps and the option beside each app to lock them separately. Advanced option comes with the options like Google Play Store, Application manager, Install/uninstall and incoming calls options.  You can see at the bottom of the page there are four options Lock All, Unlock Settings, Refresh and security settings showing you the details of your security question and answer.


Now lock your required Apps and happily let your friends and family use your Smartphone without letting them to peep in your private stuff.

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