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Philips AS111 Bluetooth Speaker
Philips AS111 Bluetooth Speaker

Philips AS111 Bluetooth Speaker

Play music straight from your Android device while also charging it with the Philips Docking Speaker with Bluetooth for Android, the AS111. Plus the DockStudio app will enable you to have a whole range of unique features that will bring another dimension to your music.

The AS111 looks like a donut from the top or you can say a small black disc with a diameter of 6.5" and thickness of around 2". It is primarily made of polymer with piano black finish, although the top is covered with fabric that conceals the speaker. With its round shape, it does look good enough to adorn your bedside table where it can also serve as a clock with alarm, in line with its positioning as a life style product. 

The USB plug faces upward and a plastic support at the back has the Android logo, signifying that it is meant for Android (version 2.1 and above) devices, although any device that charges via micro-USB can be charged just fine. The AS111 is powered by AC mains. There is also a digital LED clock at the front, with adjustable brightness. This clock is activated and automatically synchronized with the Android Smartphone connected to this speaker via Bluetooth 2.1. 

The DockStudio app that is freely available on the Google Play store. The speaker sounds loud and clear. There is no distortion even when you raise the volume level all the way up to level 32 (100%). Being wireless, you are not restricted to keeping your Smartphone attached to it all the time for it to perform its intended functions.

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