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Phone Airbag : Protects Your Phones From Accidental Cracking
Phone Airbag : Protects Your Phones From Accidental Cracking

The moment when you accidentally dropped your expensive Smartphone must have been the most heart-lurching moment. You stand utterly helpless at that point but no more worries and no more heart breaking movements from now onwards.  An Airbag  for your Smartphone’s  is now a reality to avoid expensive little mishaps.

The retail and technology giant Amazon has come up with this impressive Airbag, which utilizes a gadget’s built-in gyroscope, accelerometers, camera and other onboard sensors, which determines if the device has entered an airborne state.  The motion-sensing technology in-built in Smartphone’s is used to detect when it has dropped and the mini Airbag is deployed before it hits the floor.   The technology will immediately release airbags to reduce potential damage and most possibly changes the trajectory of its fall by firing jets of air.

The Airbag sounds good with its great features and is a quite impressive way to save your expensive gadgets from accidental drop.


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