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Phorce - A Smart Bag for Your Smart Gadgets
Phorce - A Smart Bag for Your Smart Gadgets


In the modern technology dominated world, the gadgets we own fulfill many of our daily requirements. Be it reading the newspaper, checking the schedule, or making plans with friends, everything these days is done on smartphones and other smart gadgets like them. This is why it becomes very important that you keep them up and running, because it is not possible to find a power outlet every time you need it.


This is where the Phorce, a project on Kickstarter comes into play. With a hope to put the charging madness to an end, this smart bag intends to let you charge your smart gadgets on the go. Whether it is your Smartphone, the laptop, or the tablet this smart bag can charge them all.


According to the reports, the Phorce comes with a lightweight battery pack, which is capable of charging an iPhone 5 around 8 times, a Samsung Galaxy S3 around 6 times or an iPad Mini around 2.5 times.


The Phorce will also be having a convertible design, which will let you transform it into a briefcase, a messenger bag, or even into a 2-shoulder backpack.


The Phorce will be compatible with both iPhone as well as Android device through Bluetooth. Oh, and yes, if at any time you forget your Phorce bag somewhere, it will display on your handset where you have forgotten it. Provided that it be charged.


Despite so many functionalities, the Phorce has a catchy look and build that makes it look rather impressive from every aspect. Therefore, if you are tired of carrying multiple chargers then wait until the Phorce enters the market, it will put an end to all your charging madness. 

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