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Photokina Comes With Top 5 Cameras
Photokina Comes With Top 5 Cameras


Photokina is the global camera and camera technologies display. In this age of advanced technology, Smartphone’s comes with good enough cameras. People love to capture their moments and upload them on various networking sites. This made the camera makers to explore new photography technologies and implement them into their cameras to make them appealing to the modern buyers. As a result, we have cameras that come loaded with features like Wi-Fi, Social Network integration in a compact design.

The Photokina 2012 features some of the most advanced cameras with built in Wi-Fi or the option of installing additional modules Wi-Fi.

Nikon, Canon, and Olympus dominated the Photokina with their amazing features and dSLR cameras. Among the other manufacturers who took part in the event were Panasonic & Sony.

Here, we’ve listed the top 5 cameras from Photokina 2012, to give you the glimpses of the event.


1.) Canon power shot SX 50 HS:

The Canon power shot SX 50 HS camera has amazing features in its compact design. SX 50 HS flaunts 2.8-inch screen with 20.2 MP CMOS sensor.  It has world’s largest optical zoom extendable up to 2400mm.  It’s new DIG! C5 image processor, and plus seek lock framing keeps the image blur free. 

You can order it here http://goo.gl/6oMKI from www.beyondtime.in


2.) Sony Cyber – Shot RX1:


Sony has done wonders with Cyber Shot RX1. This camera comes in compact design weighing 482g. Cyber Shot RX1 has brilliant features such as- 24.3 MP image sensors, which is twice as large as APS-C sensor featured in bigger cameras.  Cyber Shot RX1 also features fixed f2.0 lens and five frames a second shooting speed.  It has plenty of options to manually control and edit the photo with proper exposure settings. Sony Cyber- Shot RX1 has the potential to give the output professional – quality images.


You can preorder it here   http://goo.gl/2v1yT from www.beyondtime.in




Olympus refreshes its pen camera adding LITE model to its family. The Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5 is a compact camera. Its slim body is less than 4cm thick. This Camera delivers impressive photo quality as it has 16 MP sensor and image processor.


The 3-inch touch sensitive screen & full high definition video capture capability of Lite E-PL5 is rather impressive. You can flip screen to 170 degrees, which enables to take self-portrait.


You can preorder it here http://goo.gl/XVybg from www.beyondtime.in




PANASONIC Lumix DMC-GH3, 16 MP mirrors less digital camera comes with interchangeable lenses. This camera flaunts a 3-inch screen with a shooting speed of six-frames-a- second. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect your camera to Apple and Google smart phone.

You can preorder it here http://goo.gl/XIQeN from www.beyondtime.in


5.) NIKON D600:  


Nikon D600 digital SLR camera offers a 24.3 MP resolution with full HD video recording at 24 frames per second. It flaunts a 3.2-inch screen with shooting speed of 5.5 frames per second.  D600 packs in 39-point autofocus and light sensitivity from 100 to 6400 ISO. You can transfer your photos to Smartphone’s using wireless adaptor available with D600.

You can order it here http://goo.gl/RD77z from www.beyondtime.in

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