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Plasma TV Market Share Sinks At 15-Month Low As LCD TVs Rules
Plasma TV Market Share Sinks At 15-Month Low As LCD TVs Rules

Once considered as the future of display technology, the Plasma TVs are on the verge of becoming a thing of the past. Initially, the Plasma technology was first choice of buyers looking for flat screen TVs, but that’s not the case anymore. According to market research, the Plasma TV market stake has sunk down to a record 15-month low, as its descent continues following the dominance of LCD TV’s. According to the report from a US research firm, the sales figures of plasma TVs in United States have came down to their lowest levels since the 1st quarter of 2011, holding only around 13.3% market share in July, coming down from 14.9% in preceding month and 15% around a year ago. The figures mark the worst performance from Plasma TVs since March 2011, when their market holdings sank down to only 11.6%. Despite delivering deep black and impressive contrast ratio, Plasma TVs have been second to LCD TV displays for quite some years now, which is because of the advanced motion compensation and LED backlighting technology. Further sweetening the deal for LCD TVs is their lighter weight and most importantly the low power consumption. In addition to all this, the pricing is one major factor affecting the sales of plasma TVs. The prices of plasma TVs poorly compares to the price of similarly sized LCD TVs, which considering the superior quality of LCD TVs is not justifiable and hence has resulted in poor sales of plasma TVs. Considering all that, the future of plasma TVs doesn’t seem all that brighter, however what future has in store can only be seen as and when it comes.

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