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Pocket-Size Wi-Fi Router To Save You From High Cost Of 3G & 4G
Pocket-Size Wi-Fi Router To Save You From High Cost Of 3G & 4G

If you are keeping yourself away from the high-speed 4G internet because of its high price, then here’s a real treat for you.

.The high-price of 3G & 4G has kept many users away from the services offered by their operators. But, now the operators have decided to change that, and as their primary attempt to make that happen they are introducing pocket-sized Wi-Fi routers. These pocket-sized routers will allow the users to access the super fast 4G internet on their 3G or EDGE-enabled smartphones, for a price that’s one-fourth of the price of a 4G device. However, to use these routers you will need Wi-Fi-enabled handsets.

Using this mini-router, users will be able to connect as many as five devices to the 4G network. This makes getting 4G easy and affordable, as now they will not have to get separate data plans for their devices. Indian operators including Tata Telecom, Tata Docomo, and Micromax are the first operators to offer the Wi-Fi routers.

The routers will be sold for around Rs. 2,500 and a completely charged router can run up to a day, depending upon the usage. So, now get the high-speed 4G internet without shedding big bucks for the high-end 4G smartphones.

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