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Poke App for iPhone with 10 sec message launched by Facebook
Poke App for iPhone with 10 sec message launched by Facebook

Enter YoPoke app with 10 sec message for iphone and iPod Touch launched by Facebook. Poke app is a popular app of Facebook which lets people “poke” each other on facebook thru this app. In the app, Facebook lets users send pokes, video, pictures and text messages to their friends.

The hiccup is that the message can last only from 1 sec to maximum of 10 second and can only be 120 characters long. When you’re sending a message you will see the amount of time on the top centre of your message. Click on it to choose how much time you want the message to last.

Accordingly to TechCrunch post since Pokes are encrypted, Facebook deletes encryption keys two days after they are read hence making them unreadable after 2 days. Key backups are destroyed within 90 days, making a poke completely inaccessible. 


Also Facebook takes strict precautions against people sending messages that are naughty or disturbing in nature.Users can click on the gear icon on the top left hand side of the app and click on report/block if they get a message they don’t like something they receive.

Facebook hopes to challenge apps like SnapChat which also allow iOS users to send video and text messages for under ten seconds.


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