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Quick Heal announces Total Security for Mac
Quick Heal announces Total Security for Mac


Quick Heal announces Total Security for Mac

Quick Heal announced its foray into the Mac universe with its Quick Heal Total Security for Mac security suite.

The software which runs on OS X includes core anti-virus protection plus additional features like web security, email security, anti-spam and parental control.

Mac OS which was once considered to be free from security threats is now finding malware makers knocking at its doors. In order to counter this rising threat, security software companies are increasingly launching new software security suites for Mac.

“The more ubiquitous Mac becomes, the more it will be targeted. It is noticed at present that the more used a platform is the more it is vulnerable to threats. It doesn’t matter if it’s running on Java or any cross-platform technology, malware authors find a way to sneak in”, said reports.

Like in the Windows universe which has Microsoft Security Essentials, Mac too has its own Gatekeeper solution. OS X 10.8 with Gatekeeper is a significant inclusion but it is not a complete solution. When the user carries out USB transfers or BitTorrent downloads then it proves inefficient. Anyone with admin credentials can alter Gatekeeper’s default settings and allow third-party apps to install. Cyber criminals are usually financially motivated and this implies that they will invest, invent and develop techniques to fulfill their motives.

Some other features provided by Total Security for Mac are MacBook Tracking which allows you to locate and trace your lost or stolen MacBook using Quick Heal Laptop Tracker and Antispyware. The official press release had no word on pricing.

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