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RIM to Launch Full QWERTY Variant of BlackBerry 10 before June
RIM to Launch Full QWERTY Variant of BlackBerry 10 before June


BlackBerry fans might be up for a surprise from RIM earlier next year. According to the latest reports coming in, RIM might be launching the complete QWERTY variant of their much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 variant before June 2013.


The report stated that the touchscreen BlackBerry 10 smartphones will not be entering the market until March 2013, shortly after which, the QWERTY version will enter the market by June, 2013.


According to the sources, familiar RIM’s launch plan, the June 2013 launch date for QWERTY BlackBerry 10 is fine. Research in Motion (RIM) is expected to launch their BlackBerry 10 devices March 2013, 4 to 6 weeks after their official unveiling on January 30. In the first leg, the complete touchscreen devices will be launched, while the QWERTY version fill follow subsequently.


According to market pundits, those launch timings mean, RIM will be reporting weaker results in the first and fourth quarter of next year, considering the fact that the BlackBerry 10 handsets will take some time to create a ripple in the market. However, we are not worried about the market figures for RIM; we are just eagerly waiting for the BlackBerry 10 devices and their impact in the smartphone market. 

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