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Reasons To Choose Snapdragon S4 Processor
Reasons  To Choose Snapdragon S4 Processor


QUALCOMM Snapdragon processors seems to be the order of the day, with most of the smartphone manufacturers opting for them these processors have revolutionized the Smartphone market.  With their fast processing and energy efficiency, the Snapdragon S4 processors have helped the tablets and Android Smartphone manufacturers to develop devices that are more attuned to modern technology world.


The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chips enhance the overall Smartphone experience in terms of camera, Internet browsing and many more.  The reasons why Snapdragon processor is mind blowing are listed below.


·       Less Power Consumption


Smartphone with Snapdragon S4 processor uses low power consumption compared to others, which keeps the device cooler; and hence performs better.  The S4 processor is now transitioned 28Nm (Nanometer) while the formers were transitioned 45nm, which makes it the smallest processor with more transistors, which helps in reducing leakage.


·       Improved Performance


Snapdragon S4 introduces a new CPU (Central Processing Unit) GPU (Graphic processing unit). Android Smartphone with S4 processor performs better as compared to others running on other processors.  Some of the Snapdragon S4 chip comes with Adreno 225 GPUs, which runs even the complex graphic and applications smoothly, resulting in better gaming experience on Android.


·       Quick 4 G connectivity


Processors are largely responsible for Internet speeds, along with the networks.  You need a superfast processor for mobile browsing and downloading.  The snapdragon S4 processor gives a complete new experience of browsing on 4G, which allows you to play multiple games at up to 10 times the speeds of 3G


·       Advanced Definition Display


A handset is said to be good when it has a higher definition and clear screen.  The graphics on the processor is responsible for mobile phones display.  The display resolution (pixels) and display density (pixels per square inch) summarizes the graphics.  The S4 chip delivers the excellent graphics of all Android CPUs without draining the battery.



·       Enhanced Security


With advanced technology Smartphone’s are coming with new and advanced features, which makes them handy to store and transfer data conveniently.  You can protect your important data from thieves by “Qualcomm Secure MSM” hardware and software security system, which provides tools such as data encryption, Trust Zone SEE, secure code sing-in and encrypted boot to boost the device’s security.


·       Good  Camera Performance


Camera is one of the most important features in Smartphone.  The Smartphone’s with Snapdragon’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) technology gives outstanding camera performance.  It brings smooth 1080p HD video capture along with image stabilization.



·       Navigation and Location service


The processor plays an important role in the performance of mapping and coordinating software and GPS hardware.  Qualcomm’s S4 processor is designed to offer improved GPS performance, which provides enhanced location service without any drop in connections.


The Snapdragon S4 processor enhances the performance of modern Smartphone’s and that is why they are the most preferred processors in the market.


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