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Reasons Why Android Phones Bests iPhone
Reasons Why Android Phones Bests iPhone

There’s no denying the fact that Apple’s iPhone is the most popular Smartphone on the facet of Earth, but with the catapulting of Android phones, its popularity is waning. So, why people are preferring Android phones over Apple iPhone? Well, everyone have their own reasons, but here we list some technical reason that help Android phones pip iPhone. 1.) Brand Google In a survey it was established that around 36% people trust Google as a brand. The internet giant is one of the most inventive and reliable technology companies around the world and offers a rich Smartphone experience even at a trivial budget. So, it’s pretty obvious that people connect themselves with Google more easily than any other company. 2.) Big Is Better – Well, At Least For Screens Apple has been offering 3.5-inch display since their first iPhone and has never tried anything different. On the other hand, Android devices from Samsung and HTC have flaunted screen sizes ranging from 4.8-inch (seen in Samsung Galaxy S III) to 4.7-inch (seen in HTC One X), in fact even the mid-range Android devices have a 4.3-in display. According to the research around 30% of the buyers choose Android handsets over iPhone, because of the bigger screens. 3.) Google Play Store Apple’s app store undoubtedly is the biggest with 7,25,000 apps and 25 billion downloads, but despite that around 27 % of the users from the survey preferred Google Play Store, because of more numbers of free and fun apps. At present Android App store has 5, 00,000 apps and has seen over 20 billion downloads. 4.) Seamless Google Integration Be it Google+, Google Local, Maps, Calendar, Search, YouTube or any other Google service, they all are incredibly important for modern users. Hence over 26% of users that took part in the survey preferred Android phones over Apple iPhone. 5.) Latest Technology In general the launch cycle for Apple iPhone has been of around 12 months, so once you have bought an iPhone, you will have to wait at least a year to see its successor, which in modern times is a huge gap. In current times you have new technology entering the mobile market every day, so if you are waiting for one year you are losing a lot. This again is one of the reasons why modern buyers prefer Android devices over iPhone. Technologies like video calling on 3G and 4G connections, music stores excluding iTunes, NFC, and assortment of keyboards, are some of the technologies that iPhone users misses. These are some of the reasons why modern users prefer Android phones over Apple iPhone. What are your reasons?

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