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Recycle Your Old Mobiles for Cash with ECO ATM
Recycle Your Old Mobiles for Cash with ECO ATM

Get paid for your old mobiles rather than dumping them when you go for latest ones.

For Gadgets lovers this is interesting option to trade old mobiles and be paid for it.  EcoATM, a California based company had unveiled a recycling ATM, which inspires its users to go green. It checks and evaluates unwanted goods for resale and recycling.

You can always use your old gadgets as an affordable alternative, melted down for the residual value of the metals or spare parts.  Keeping this in mind EcoATM with the support from US National Science Foundation has developed a device.  This machine finds second home for three fourth of the phones it collects and sends the remaining to environmentally recycling channels to reclaim any rare earth elements and keep toxic components away from landfills.

This ATM along with artificial intelligence (AI) has the capability to differentiate various consumers’ electronic products and accordingly determine the market value.

If the product is acceptable, consumer will get the cash, or they can store credit for their trade, else they had the option to donate all or part of the compensation to charities.

This system began with a wooden box in the presence of ecoATM representative. Later the team developed AI, which delivered 9.5% accuracy but still trying to fill the gap for removing human oversight and making the system visible, device recognition.

The database of company is now updated with images of more than 4,000 devices and when an identification mistake occurs system learns from it.

Speaking at the event the company executive told that their system is now able to differentiate between the fatal and inexpensive damages to the phones display like a crack or a bleeding display.

When a phone is placed into the machine, AI system starts its visual inspection to identify the required details i.e. model number etc. There are 23 cable connecters available in machine, which links it to the network.  Once it is connected to the network, it determines the value of the product based on company’s real-time and worldwide network. It also has the pre-auction network by means of which it can go through how buyers have bid on the old technology.

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