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Reports Suggests of Apple iPad Mini Coming on October 23, 2012
Reports Suggests of Apple iPad Mini Coming on October 23, 2012


That Apple will be launching a smaller and cheaper variant of their prominent iPad, has been one of the biggest buzz in the tech world. We have been hearing reports of Apple iPad mini entering the market in the month of October for quite some time now, however we did not have any confirmed date or its arrival.


However, according to the latest reports from rumor mill, iPad Mini will be unveiled on 23 October 2012. The reports come from the sources familiar with the subject.


As for now, the only details we have in hand about the impending Apple iPad mini is that it will have 7.85-inch display screen. Although we do not give much importance to the rumors in the tech world, but the rumors surrounding the iPad mini has been strongly presence in the market for quite some time now. IN addition, we have also heard that the device is already in mass production in Asia, and that Apple initially has ordered for 10 million units.


In the absence of any concreted technical details, it is difficult to predict the future of iPad mini, but being one of Apple’s products surely is enough to create the magic and keep everyone on their toes until the launch.

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