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Roam Free From March 2013, Says Department Of Telecom, India
Roam Free From March 2013, Says Department Of Telecom, India

We already have heard of demolition of roaming charges for mobile users in India from next year, but now we are hearing that the telecom department has asked its operators to bring this customer-friendly move in affect from March 2013.


The roaming charges accounts for around 10% of the revenues of these telecom operators and hence they have opposed the plan of demolishing the roam charges by the government of India. They even have warned that if they are forced to do that, they will raise the regular tariff rates.


As per the internal note issued by Department of Telecom, they have asked the telecom operators to complete this move by coming three months. The department intends to expand their MNP (mobile number portability), which lets the user retain their numbers even when they move to a new city without paying roaming charges. Currently, the number portability is limited to circles and allows the user only to switch their operators within the circle.


The opposition by the telecom companies for free roaming is going on, but the department of telecom is firm on their decision and doesn’t want to change it any further. So, if everything goes well, you will get to roam free across the nation.


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