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Rumored Specifications And Pricing Of iPad Mini
Rumored Specifications And Pricing Of iPad Mini


Recently in our article we mentioned that Apple’s iPad mini is rumored to be launched on 23 Oct, although Apple itself has not yet acknowledged the existence of iPad Mini.  However, the pricing and specifications of iPad mini is rumored to be revealed in the company’s inventory system.


According to reports, iPad Mini is expected to come in 16 different memory and wireless configuration along with 7.85-inch display.  If rumors are true consumers can grab it at cheaper sale price as compared to Apple’s current larger tablet.


The sources revealed that Apple has begun mass production of new tablet that is expected to make its way on Oct 23. Apple for fourth quarter has ordered 10 million units of the unannounced tablet, which is approximately twice as compared to what Amazon ordered for Kindle Fire.



Hope how the rumor is heating up the market, Apple’s iPad mini too heats up the market with its outstanding specifications.

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