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Rumored Specs of Apple’s iPhone 5
Rumored Specs of Apple’s iPhone 5

Apple has been the favorite son of rumor factory, with rumors regarding each of their impending gadgets breaking out on a regular basis. Initially we saw it with Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and this time around its Apple’s yet to be announced iPhone 5. In general, rumors regarding the arrival of any gadget are discarded, but when it comes to Apple, a certain excitement, and urge to know everything develops. Now that we have told you that there are rumors floating around regarding Apple’s iPhone 5 you will be excited to find out everything about it. Therefore, without further adieu here we’ve listed all the rumored specifications for the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, to help you get an idea of what to expect from the upcoming phone. • Liquidmetal casing According to rumors, the coming iPhone 5 will have Liquidmetal casing. Liquidmetal is a new alloy, which is corrosion resistant, a lot stronger and even has a high "coefficient of restitution." People who are not familiar with “Coefficient of restitution” then let us tell that it means the Liquidmetal is less bouncy. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have received a lot of complaint about their weak body and hence Apple is expected to make iPhone 5 a lot stronger than its precursors using the Liquidmetal casing. • A New Look After iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with same design, Apple now is expected to launch the new iPhone 5 with a newer design and if the rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 5 will have a metal rear-end, just like iPad and iPod touch. Some other reports suggest slimmer body, fewer buttons, and different home button. Expecting Apple gadgets to get leaner and meaner is always a safe bet, so we would support the slimmer body prediction, however the change in the size of display and type of home button doesn’t convince us. • Power Connection, RAM, Battery Tweak Tweaking the power connection system of iPhone is a controversial subject, and hence we are not sure whether Apple will shrink down its dock connector or not. However, according the rumors, Apple will replace its dock connector with MagSafe-style charging arrangement (power only) and will go for the wireless syncing for their devices. One another rumor suggest that Apple might bring in a sync connection via the 3.5-in earphone socket. The most convincing predictions about the impending iPhone 5 is that it will have 1GB RAM. Seeing at the developments taking place in the international mobile market, it makes total sense to fit a smartphone with 1GB, RAM. We expected iPhone 4S to have 1GB RAM, however it came with 512MB RAM, which proved to be sufficient. Considering all that and everything happening in the mobile universe, we wouldn’t be surprised to see iPhone 5 with 1GB Ram. Apple has been working constantly towards 7 hours of talk time for their iPhone (10 hours for iPad) and hence a tweak in the battery life or battery is on the cards. However, regardless of the new features added, Apple will make sure that their next iPhone delivers the same battery performance as its precursors, if not better. These are some of the rumored specifications of the impending Apple iPhone 5, however, no matter how many rumors surface, Apple will make the final call, and for that, we’ll have to wait for the launch of iPhone 5. What are your expectations from the impending iPhone 5, what features do you want to see, do let us know?

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