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Samsung Beats Nokia for the First Time as World’s Top Mobile Brand
Samsung Beats Nokia for the First Time as World’s Top Mobile Brand


According to reports, Samsung has won the crown of world’s top mobile brand for the year 2012.  It’s the first time in 14 years that Nokia has been replaced from its top position in the global cell phone business.

If reports are true, the Samsung’s market share account of cell phone was expected to be 29% globally in 2012 and was 24% in 2011 whereas Nokia’s share was 30% in 2011 which has dropped to 24% in 2012. On the other hand Apple is expected to be at third place with 10% market share which is up by 3% from last year.  For other competitors such as RIM and HTC, 2012 was not that great.  In 2012 the market share for RIM has dropped down to 5% from 11% in 2011 where as the HTC market share has shrink to 5%  from 9% in 2011.

From sources it was revealed that the competitive reality of the cell phone market in 2012 was “live by the Smartphone’s, die by the Smartphone’s.”  Reports further states that Smartphone’s are in great demand and will further increase, which is the key reason behind Samsung’s success.  The powerful combination of both Samsung and

Google Android has hit the Smartphone market. The Samsung’s Android powered phones are in great demand worldwide and are the key market for Smartphone’s.  Nokia’s struggle and Samsung’s successes in the cell phone market this year were entirely determined by the two competitor’s divergent fortune in the Smartphone market.

It was revealed that, the worldwide Smartphone shipments are set to rise by 35.5%in 2012 whereas the overall cell phone shipments has increased by approx 1%. The Smartphone penetration will be at 47% in the end of 2012, which is up by 35% in 2011.

Samsung’s range of devices powered by Google Android is the main reason behind its success such as its flagship model Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II and budget Smartphone’s like Samsung Galaxy Y.  Samsung has given its user’s number of choices to buy Smartphone according to their budget.  Samsung has always come up with stylishly designed Smartphone’s which has grabbed the eye balls of Smartphone user’s where as Nokia still needs to make up its loss by updating its design as well as OS.

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