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Samsung Dethrones Nokia To Become World's Biggest Handset Maker

After holding the pole position for 14 long years, the Finish cell phone maker Nokia finally has lost its crown of “Biggest Handset manufacturer” to Samsung. Despite its deep reach in the emerging markets, Nokia failed to withstand the competition from Samsung and Apple. The constantly falling sales figures for past nine quarters for Nokia phones were suggestive of the impending collapse and the figures based on shipments in the first quarter of 2012 affirmed it. According to market research, Samsung shipped around 93.5 million handsets in first three months of 2012, while Nokia shipped only 82.7 million. In an urge to revitalize their market presence, Nokia signed a 14-month alliance with Microsoft and subsequently launched some high-end Windows Smartphones. However, even those high-end including Nokia Lumia 800 failed to make any splash in the smartphone market and the constantly worsening sales-decline of Nokia phones running Symbian operating system continued. According to the trade gurus, if Samsung and Apple continue to outperform their rivals at the pace they are doing now, the market very soon will turn into a two-horse race, which exactly is what Nokia didn’t want to happen. The combined international market share of Samsung and Apple for the shipment of Smartphones stacked at 30.3 percent for the same duration last year; while for this year it is 54.8 percent. The shares of Nokia have seen a constant dip with the poor sales figures, while Samsung has reported the highest quarterly earnings since 2008. The Korean mobile major made $4.5 billion in the first quarter of 2012, while for the same period last year it made $2.5 billion. Nokia, although have padded up for the rivalry with the launch of its several mid range Windows Phone devices, like Lumia 610, but how well it will perform, that needs to be seen.

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