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Samsung Developing Galaxy S IV Under Codename 'Project J', Might Launch It In April 2013
Samsung Developing Galaxy S IV Under Codename 'Project J', Might Launch It In April 2013


Reports featuring Samsung’s alleged Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone have been pouring in from all quarters of tech world. However, there hasn’t been any concrete information provided from Samsung.


According to the latest reports coming in, Samsung has started developing the Galaxy S IV model and the work is progressing under the codename 'Project J.' Furthermore its said that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S IV as earliest as April 2013.


The rumored specs for Samsung Galaxy S IV includes a 4.99-in Super AMOLED display screen having native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with pixel density of 441PPI. There were also reports of Samsung working in conjunction with LG on the development of new complete-HD display, which might enter the market as early as first-half of 2013. Taking all that into account it makes complete sense for Samsung to launch their first Smartphone with complete -HD display.


Some other rumors alleged that Samsung Galaxy S IV will have a brawny 13-Mp camera, which is a major update over the 8-mp snapper of Galaxy S III. We also have heard that the Galaxy S IV will have an 8-core GPU and 2 GHz quad-core Exynos processor.


While, some might say that these all are baseless rumors, more often than not we’ve found the rumors to be the actual source of the launch of an impending gadget. So, without discarding any possibilities of a Galaxy S IV with full-HD display we will be keeping an eye on the progress of “Project J” and will keep you updated about the same as well.


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