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Samsung Galaxy Camera To Make Its Debut This Week
Samsung Galaxy Camera To Make Its Debut This Week

Finally, the wait for Samsung’s Android powered Galaxy Camera will be entering the market this week. The fully loaded camera powered by Android has been in news for quite a sometime and finally we will get its first glimpse in the market.

 The Samsung Galaxy Camera boasts a 16 mega-pixel CMOS sensor with a 23mm wide-angle aperture lens and a 21x optical zoom. The 23mm lens of the camera also doubles for recording amazing HD video. Although, more than anything else it is the Android platform of the camera that is making the news.


Samsung Galaxy camera comes loaded with Google’s Android Jelly Bean. There also is a 4.77-inch Super Clear Touch Display. Samsung has also fitted a brawny a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, which allows you to edit photos, run apps, and watch videos.


The Samsung Galaxy camera will be Wi-Fi & 3G capable, allowing you to do pretty much everything that any modern smartphone allows you to do, although you will not be able to make calls. Therefore, you will be able to shot images, check mails, browse internet and share your clicks on social networks.


We have not heard anything regarding the pricing and availability of the camera in India; however, we will keep you posted with every update related to the camera.

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