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Samsung Galaxy Note Successor To Arrive In August
Samsung Galaxy Note Successor To Arrive In August

Samsung Galaxy Note didn’t had the most pleasing debut in the market and since its entry, the Note has faced several sniggers for its size. However, despite all that criticism and sniggers, Samsung succeeded in selling over 5 million Galaxy Note phone/tablet. Now, while some might attribute the success of Samsung Galaxy Note to its freaky (some might call it “unique”) design, the market experts sees a shift in the mindset of modern mobile device buyers as the main reason for the success of this "phablet.” The Samsung Galaxy Note boasts 5.3-inch display screen, which almost is equivalent to the full length of the iPhone and has a stylus. While, former CEO and Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs derided the thought of using a pen for interacting with the phone, Samsung teamed up with Japan's Wacom Co Ltd, which is a leading manufacturer of digital pen, and developed the said stylus. While, not everyone likes the Samsung Galaxy Note, there also are quite a number of Galaxy Note loyalists out there, and if you are one of them, then here’s good news for you. According to the latest reports coming in from the Samsung might be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at this year’s IFA event in Berlin, which will be held in late August. However, the handset is expected to be launched in October. Samsung hasn’t released any specifications about the phone, however as per the rumors going around it will boast a 5.5-inch of display screen, a 12+ MP camera, a quad-core processor, and, certainly, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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