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Samsung Galaxy S IV to Have Samsung's Exynos 5450 Processor
Samsung Galaxy S IV to Have Samsung's Exynos 5450 Processor


After the incredible run of Samsung’s latest flagship model Galaxy S III, the Korean tech giant is said to be working on launching a new flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. However, nothing is confirmed as for now, but we are hearing that the all-new Galaxy S IV will have Samsung’s Exynos 5450 processor.


The reports from sources familiar with the matter suggest of Samsung Galaxy S IV having EXYNOS 4412, which is a quad core processor based upon 1.4 GHz Cortex – A9 design. Now, considering the fact that the 1.4 GHz Cortex – A9 processor already is incredibly fast, the new EXYNOS 4412 will be strong enough to blow everyone with its incredible speed.


Samsung initially was planning to use EXYNOS 5250 processor in their phones and tablets. However, considering the fact that LG started manufacturing their own processor and quad-core is such a hot selling term for processors, it seems now, Samsung will be using EXYNOS 5450 in their impending flagship model Galaxy S IV.


The news of Samsung Galaxy IV might be a rumor only as for now, but many of the times rumors turns to be the building blocks for an apparent product launch and going by the specs we have in hand we would be very happy to see Galaxy IV making its way into the markets.

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