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Samsung Galaxy SIII battery Beats The Rest : iPhone 5, One X, Lumia 900 & Xperia S
Samsung Galaxy SIII battery Beats The Rest : iPhone 5, One X, Lumia 900 & Xperia S

With advanced technology it has become quite common to browse web on the go.  Smartphone’s are coming up with new Apps and tends its consumers to use device more often, which eats up the battery a lot.  When using your device for internet or any other Apps you expect for a strong battery without asking for second charge.  In this scenario Galaxy S III has come with outstanding battery life.


From the sources, it was revealed that when all the top Smartphone’s are tested with 3G connectivity.   The Samsung Galaxy SIII stood first winning the situation. Surprisingly Xperia S from Sony was the second best in terms of battery life.  The test was done with the same level connectivity and maximum bright screen was chosen for all the handsets.  Samsung’s biggest rival Apple’s iPhone unexpectedly was on 5th no. in the list for its battery life and consumed more battery in comparison to others. iPhone’s non-removable mysterious battery has been criticized and it might be shocking for Apple fan’s who keep bragging their device.  The Nokia Lumia 900 Window 7 mobile phone stood near the last and HTC sensation XL was the last one with just the battery usage of 139 minutes.


You cannot conclude that whether the battery life has to do something with OS on which they run as there is no proof that Android phones have got a better battery life, battery draining can be totally blamed on the manufacturer.

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